Build Your Own Online Meat Delivery App & Website

We, the general people, have been dealing with adulteration for decades. Especially with meat, it is important to check if it is fresh.

Busy people only have time to grocery shop once or thrice a week. How much time do people have to stock up? No. Can we help them out in any way? Yes. How do you ask?

Use the ready-made customized web and native app creation technologies to make the delivery of perishable items easier and better.

First, my fellow business owners, you must know why now is the right time to switch your meat delivery business to an app-based plan.

Nearly 47% of meat business owners in Arab countries like Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Oman have taken their meat delivery companies or businesses to the next level by using on-demand meat delivery software.

Also, write down why you should start this market idea right now!

  • People buy many branded goods, from shower gels to financial investments. However, the meat delivery business needs to be more organized, and there are few or any brands in this field.
  • Your end users would want doorstep service. Every day, day in and day out, which is possible if the market is easy.
  • Butchers can only do delivery and keep their shops going at different times. This difference can be used very well in your market.
  • Butchers have always had to pay a lot to keep meat goods cold. This could be handled if the Butcher’s supply falls out of the sky. (Meaning: 5. Lesser storage. Less money for good meat.)

To know how things work better. Regarding the on-demand meat delivery business, you need to look at a few companies doing a great job.

Crowd Cows

Crowd Cows is an online beef delivery service based in Seattle. Have been in business since 2015 and send beef to 2976 places around the world.

They make it a point to only take money from people who buy meat when it’s enough to pay for a whole cow. They send out beef, pork, chicken, wagyu, and fish. Crowd Cows brings in $12 million a year.

Tender Cuts

Tender Cuts is a place to order meat and fish online and on your phone. Since 2016, it has been a site for delivering meat on demand that is based in India. They say that it takes them about 90 minutes to bring something.

And they bring you chicken, lamb, marinades, prawns, and pork. They only buy farm-fresh goods with no added preservatives that are halal.


Since 2015, Licious has been a business based in India. The business is based on a plan with no stock. They bring vacuum-sealed, hand-cut meat to the homes of people who eat meat.

They offer a membership plan with dates and times that are already set. Vivek Gupta, the CEO of Licious, says that since COVID-19, their sales have increased by 75% while expanding.

There are 3 kinds of business models when it comes to on-demand meat delivery app development

Meat delivery aggregator

Meat Delivery App business plan is a platform that combines three groups: the Butcher or owner of a meat unit, delivery partners, and people who want to buy meat. There will be apps for customers, transport partners, and butchers, and the administration will use web panels.

With their public dashboard, the admin can keep track of all the customers and delivery partners.

App for meat outlets/chains

Butchers or places selling meat could make their own plans for an app where they would be the manager and keep track of the meat stock. Here, each store will have a full-fledged admin page with information about the meat. There will also be apps for the person who delivers and buys the meat.

White label meat delivery store app development

The white-label delivery app is mainly used to change the name and brand image of the meat delivery store on the ready-made web panel and app.

Again, there will be two apps, one for the delivery partner and one for the end meat customer. Then there will be a large control panel and a panel for the Butcher.

Have you thought about how you want your web panel and app to look and what features you want them to have? If not, think about these few things for your meat delivery business.

Meat consumer app features

Advanced filters

Advanced filters, like the price range and different kinds of meat, could make buying easier for people who eat meat.

Track order

Consumers of meat must be able to track their orders from when they are placed until they are delivered. If they need to, they must be able to contact the service partner.

Saved location

The people who buy meat would like to remember the places where supplies happen often. For instance, their home location or, if they prefer, their place of work.

Multiple booking

A person who eats meat would like to order meat from different places. The customer app could be used to place more than one order. The customer doesn’t have to wait for the first order to arrive before placing a second one. This makes it more likely for meat eaters to use the app.

Delivery partner app features

Online / Offline mode

With an online/offline switch, the delivery partner should be able to choose when to send. The delivery partner could push the button if they are ready to make a drop.


The delivery partner should be able to find both the location of the Butcher and the location of the person buying the meat. There should be a map built into the app and a “navigate” button that can be used with Google Maps.

Order and profile management

The delivery partner should be able to see both the orders they are currently working on and the orders they have worked on in the past. Also, they must have control over their profile since the delivery partner will give their contact information, vehicle papers, and driver’s license.


The delivery partner could connect their bank account to the app so that they could get paid by the manager. They could have more than one way to get paid and set one as the default so they could keep track of their payments.

Butcher’s web panel

Operating hours

The Butcher could choose to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They could even decide when a certain kind of meat would be available. It gives all the people involved in the planning process a boost.

Transaction management

The Butcher needs to be able to keep track of all the business that goes on. Just to have a record of what happened.

Earnings and payouts

There must be a weekly, monthly, and overall hold on the earnings. Even the past orders could be shown graphically. Payouts from the admin have to happen automatically, and there should be at least one default payout choice.

Admin panel

Manage all participants

The admin should be in charge of all the people who come and go from the marketplace, such as meat buyers, butchers, and service partners. The admin has to keep track of the payouts, how much they make, and other important information.


All the money the admin owes to all the parties (Delivery partner and Butcher’s panel) could be paid out automatically. But the admin must also be able to stop the payout if something comes up.

Manage promo codes

What would a business be without deals and sales? Right!

The manager could send out deals, coupons, and promo codes to meat buyers every so often to get more people to use the app.


The online meat delivery industry presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the convenience-seeking mindset of modern consumers. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can build your own online meat delivery app and website that meets the needs of your target audience. Remember to prioritize user experience, implement robust security measures, and continuously adapt and improve based on customer feedback. Embrace the digital revolution and tap into the thriving market of online meat delivery.

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