Experience North Indian rich culture and traditions on Kashmir tours

North India is a hub of rich heritage and culture. When it comes to experiencing that cultural richness, Kashmir is best. This place stands out as the top place to visit. If you are planning for Kashmir tours then Kashmir is the best place. There is a lot to explore and experience in Kashmir. Enjoy the views of the land of snow-capped mountains, serene lakes, and gorgeous valleys. Just plan your trip with a Kashmir tour package from Mumbai to enjoy cultural heritage. Here are some tips which are useful. Kashmir is a place where you can immerse in the cultural heritage of North India.

Explore the Local Cuisine

Kashmiri food is influenced by the Mughal, Afghan, and Persian culinary traditions. If you are a foodie then Kashmir is heaven for you. From spicy Rogan Josh to the signature Wazwan cuisine, you can taste yummy food. Kashmiri delicacies offer a unique taste that is hard to find elsewhere.

You can find several local eateries, where the locals prefer to eat. You can also take a cooking class to learn how to prepare some signature dishes. By planning a trip, you can get a chance to enjoy delicious food.

Experience the Traditional Dress

Kashmir has a rich tradition of clothing. The locals love to dress up in their traditional attire. The women wear Phiran, a voluminous gown. This gown is usually made of wool or pashmina and Salwar. The men wear a long gown known as Pheran. The man also wears a long kurta known as Churidar.

You can buy or rent these traditional dresses. Experience what it feels like to be dressed in the traditional attire of Kashmir. Experience the culture and tradition of this place by visiting Kashmir.

Shop for Traditional Handicrafts

One of the highlights of visiting Kashmir is shopping for traditional handicrafts. The state is known for producing some of the finest woolen shawls, carpets, and Pashmina. You can also find traditional jewelry, wood carvings, and paper mache products. Several markets in the region offer a wide variety of traditional handicrafts.

A visit to these shopping areas is a wonderful opportunity to take souvenirs. This souvenir represents the local culture.

Participate in Local Festivals

Kashmir celebrates several festivals throughout the year. The most famous one is the Tulip Festival which takes place in April. During the festival, the fields come alive with beautiful tulips of different colors. The Eid ul Fitr festival marks the end of Ramadan. It is also a great opportunity to experience the local culture.

You can participate in these festivals to see the locals dressed up. Enjoy traditional attire and also enjoy the local cuisine and music during the trip.

Explore the Local Music and Dance

Kashmiri music enjoys an elevated status in North India. Traditional music is characterized by the use of the Santoor, Rabab, Sarangi, and Dholak. You can visit local concerts to listen to traditional music and traditional dances. For example, Rouff, Bhand Pathar, and Hafiza are famous. These dances are usually performed during local festivals. It is an opportunity to witness the local culture firsthand.

Visit the Local Monuments

Kashmir is famous for its historic monuments that provide a glimpse into the region’s past. You can visit the Mughal Gardens which are very beautiful. For example, The Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, and Chashme Shahi Gardens are famous. These are unique to explore with family or friends. During the journey, you may enjoy numerous things that you have never seen before.

The Hazratbal Shrine, Jama Masjid, and Shankaracharya Temple are also important religious sites. You can experience the local culture by visiting this wonderful place in India.

Take a Shikara ride on Dal Lake

A visit to Kashmir is incomplete without a Shikara ride on the Dal Lake. The Shikaras are traditional boats that are used for transportation and sightseeing on the lake.

It’s an opportunity to see the floating vegetable gardens, floating markets, and houseboats. The serene beauty of the lake, surrounded by the mountains, is a sight to behold.


To experience the rich cultural heritage of North India, Kashmir is the perfect destination. From the delicious cuisine to the traditional dresses, handicrafts, music, and dance, all are unique. By following tips and experiences, you can immerse yourself in the local way of life. A trip to this place is best to create memories that will last a lifetime.

This place is awesome and suggested place to all who want the best tour experience. So, plan your trip to Kashmir and experience the rich cultural heritage of North India.

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