Get Maximum Output with JCB 30PLUS Excavator & JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader

The Indian infra industry has scaled to new heights. This growth has been recorded in terms of the project’s on-time completion & within the budget. More importantly, industries, including heavy-duty, facilitate this growth. To be further precise, excavators & backhoe loaders are engineered with advanced technologies to deliver massive output.

To illustrate, excavators facilitate quarrying, digging, lifting heavy materials, etc. On the other hand, backhoe loaders can be operated for a range of tasks. For example, landscaping, loading, unloading, building foundations, demolishing, etc.

Discussing the Features & Price of JCB30 Plus and JCB 3DX

JCB 30PLUS Excavator

This excavator comes with an operating weight of 2870 Kg. This weighting capacity helps operators maximize output. Additionally, the high-performing engine of this model can produce up to 25 HP. These attributes make the excavator the best suitable for small-scale projects.  Moreover, this mini equipment comes equipped with 0.07 cum bucket capacity.

Above all, the excavator can dig as deep as 3050 mm into the ground. This feature further increases work efficiency for mining & construction projects. Moreover, it also results in reduced downtime. Besides, the JCB 30 Plus price range in India is quite competitive.

JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader

This is one of the best-selling backhoe loader models in India. This is because of its high-performing features. To begin with, the model comes with an operating weight of 1800 kg. As a result, this increases work output by significant numbers. Moreover, the machine can lift up heavy loads at once with ease.

Furthermore, the hydraulic oil capacity of up to 110 ltr subsequently constitutes higher fuel efficiency. What’s further interesting is the loader’s height reaches up to 3000 mm. This limit henceforth reduces downtime whilst boosting productivity.

Besides, with the ability to store heavy materials at once, the machine has a 1 cum bucket capacity. Above all, the JCB 3DX price in India ranges between 35-38 Lakh.

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