Top International Schools In Qatar You Must Know About

EEEDoha is unquestionably a city on the rise due to a booming economy and significant investments in the arts from the state. Its citizens have the world’s most significant incomes per capita, and the World Cup will undoubtedly solidify its status as a major Middle Eastern city and a central worldwide hub.

Around 75% of the 2.6 million people living in Qatar’s capital city, Doha, are foreigners. You’ll be happy to know that Qatar has many international schools to pick from if you move your family to this dynamic desert metropolis due to the enormous ex-pat community.

  • Moreover, the city has a sizable Indian ex-pat community. Hence several schools provide the Indian curriculum in addition to the International Baccalaureate, British, and American curricula.
  • Nonetheless, you will undoubtedly find something to meet your child’s educational demands, given that the city is home to 81 International Schools In Qatar.

In Doha, class numbers in international Schools in Qatar vacancies are typically enormous; it’s not unusual for institutions to have more than 1,000 students. In contrast, class sizes are modest, with 20 to 30 pupils each (often less).

Classes Timings Of International Schools In Qatar

By seven in the morning, classes begin. Early afternoon is when lessons end, giving some time for after-school activities. Again, Doha offers many foreign schools, so you’re sure to find one that can meet your child’s interests and extracurricular activities.

Top International Schools In Qatar

The top international schools in Qatar, as rated by people, are shown below.

GEMS Wellington School

The GEMS qatar education facility in Qatar, GEMS Wellington School, teaches the National Curriculum for England. It has had some of the highest university admission rates of any foreign school over the last four years.

Doha College, Al Waab Campus

Doha College was also founded in 1980 to meet the demand for a British-style education. According to the Foundation for Environmental Education, it was the first organization in Qatar to receive the Eco-schools green flag in 2016. Doha College won the award for international influence at the 2017 British International School also of the Year Awards.

The Council of British International Schools In Qatar (COBIS) is offering the Patron’s Accreditation and Compliance program in place of the British School Overseas (B.S.O.) accreditation. It was the first school also in Qatar to acquire accreditation under it.

Doha Modern Indian School

Because the first Indian schools to receive “Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA)” for five years, the system and procedures are well-established. The school is also affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, to educate pupils for the All India Senior School Certificate Exams (Grade XII).

International School Of London, Qatar

The institution began operations in 2008 and now enrolls more than 1100 students from more than 70 countries. Some of these countries are America, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Norway, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.

Qatar International School

The institution has a pass rate of 100% for A-Levels and 77% for AS Levels (21% getting 3 A-Bs). For the 2018–19 academic year, many applicants who submitted applications to more than 77 universities worldwide were granted admission to some of the top-ranked schools.

The Cambridge School, Doha

The 2001-founded Cambridge School Doha was acknowledged for having the top AS and A level scores in Qatar for 2016–17. 7 Exceptional Learners Awards and a total of 13 Outstanding Learners Awards, the most in the country. A total of 83 students have received the Distinguished Learners Award since 2011. The school has won various awards for its work in the environment and Qatar Debate.

Doha English Speaking School

Doha English Speaking School (DESS), one of Qatar’s oldest non-profit Primary schools in Qatar, has provided children with an education based on the British Curriculum. DEES Year 6 Standard Assessment Tests (S.A.T.s) score in the top 2% in state-run and private schools in the U.K.

M.E.S. Indian School

The M.E.S. Indian School of Doha is owned and run by Middle East Educational Services, Qatar, a company founded in 1974. The M.E.S. Indian School, affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education in Delhi and acknowledged by the Ministry of Education of the State of Qatar, is one of Qatar’s most significant foreign Affordable schools. The school won the best award at the 2021 Interschool Polemic Challenge Debate competition.

Dukhan English School

Dukhan English School is one of the top international Best schools in Qatar and one of the first English-medium schools in the country. Its origins may be traced back to the early 1950s, when British Petroleum, the Dukhan Field’s then-owners, established a school in the building that would eventually serve as the Dukhan Water Sports clubhouse.


Dozens of nations call Qatar home because it is a shelter for ex-pats. As a result, various “national” schools exist to serve the needs of ex-pats who want their kids to be exposed to the educational ideals of their native country.


Which foreign school in Doha is the best?

The mission of A.C.S. Doha International School is to offer students an outstanding and well-rounded education with a focus on discovering and maximizing. each child’s potential in academics, social development, emotional growth, and physical growth.

What is the International School of London Qatar?

2009 saw the opening of the International School of London, Qatar (ISL). Even though ISL instructs in English, they value keeping children’s native tongues alive.

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