What do you do as an assistant?

The tasks of the management of a company are very extensive and varied. Normally, the workload that arises in the upper hierarchy level cannot usually be managed alone. For this reason, managers need committed, technically experienced support for day-to-day operations – the assistant to the management. In this article you will find out what this job is all about and how you can become a management assistant. You can get more information from our site wcc.ca

What does the assistant to the management do?

As the assistant to the management, you have very different tasks. As a rule, the assistants to the management are trained as part of their commercial training. As the assistant to the management, you act as the so-called “right hand” of the managing directors and therefore have a very responsible task. You as the assistant manage strictly confidential documents and files of the management. In addition to administration, as an assistant you are also responsible for the planning, implementation and coordination of administrative processes. These administrative tasks include preparing presentations, meetings and also making decisions. You are also responsible for maintaining customer contacts and securing internal and external communication flows.

What hard and soft skills should you have as a management assistant?

A must for the job of assistant to the management, you should definitely bring business know-how, but foreign language skills are also the be-all and end-all for this job. In addition to these skills, an assistant is also expected to have knowledge of foreign languages ​​and very good communication skills.

The soft skills you will need as an executive assistant are honesty and loyalty as you work with highly confidential documents. You should also have the ability to present and work in a team for this job.

What are a personal assistant’s duties and responsibilities?


When it comes to supporting important functions in the company, many entrepreneurs first ask themselves the fundamental question of what exactly does a personal assistant do and what are their most important tasks and responsibilities?

Busy leaders in senior positions have only a few hours a day to complete every task on their to-do list. So they hire personal assistants to do the work for them and provide support where they need it most.

The work of a personal assistant can be incredibly important, especially when taking on responsibilities that contribute to the success of the company. But can an assistant really play such a crucial role? What does a personal assistant’s daily task list actually look like? In this article we will analyze what a personal assistant does, what his/her duties are and what a personal assistant can do for your business.

What is a personal assistant and what does a personal assistant do?

Unlike the Administrative Assistant , who typically oversees an entire team, a Personal Assistant performs most tasks for a single person, hence the word ‘personal’. While executive assistants typically work exclusively for executive directors and CEOs, personal assistants also work for lower-level executives and executives.

Personal assistants perform a variety of executive support tasks, from arranging travel to keeping minutes and maintaining office filing systems. However, depending on the needs and goals of the employer, the role of the personal assistant can vary widely.

An efficient personal assistanst must have the following skills:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good “soft skills” eg in the interpersonal area
  • Structured time management
  • Good organizational skills

What are the duties of personal assistants?

The tasks of personal assistants vary greatly depending on the industry. In some industries, personal assistants are required to accompany their managers on business trips. Here you have to be able to adapt to unusual working hours in order to take into account the time difference in international travel.

However, if we take a look at a “checklist” of the tasks of a personal assistant and return to the question of what a personal assistant does in detail, one can assume that the entrepreneur reduces his non-wage labor costs for employers through the assistance want. And that he expects the following administrative duties and responsibilities before hiring the personal assistant:

  • Organization and planning of appointments, discussions and meetings
  • Preparation of meeting minutes
  • Transcription of dictations
  • Organization of business trips and preparation of travel expense reports
  • Organizing events and conferences
  • Preparation and creation of reports and presentations
  • Management of databases and filing systems
  • Conducting research on behalf of the manager

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